Life is so tasty because every day we can taste so many different  types food. Our meals doesn’t have to be same, little changes makes such a big different.  On the picture above we can see very yummy and healthy breakfast. Our bodies love protein and fats in the morning. We are funs to celebrate every meal because good food is responsibility even for your  moodJ If you eat well your energy level is much better, you can focus more on daily base, you can sleep better, your body is happy and give you really good results like good feeling and good look!

Recipe for No1 Fitness Team breakfast:

  • Avocado
  • Free range eggs

Preheat oven 180 *.Cut avocado in 2 parts.  Take of the big seed of avocado and make some bigger hole into avocado( use tablespoon).  Place one whole egg into 1 piece of avocado and another egg to the second piece avocado. Use sea salt and pepper. Oven for about 20 min. It is great to use some fresh veg with.